INVEST HOME PRO Coaching Does It Again + Private Money On 1st Deal!

This was a project that Invest Home Pro renovated and assisted our students in raising private capital for their 1st Deal!

This was a husband & wife couple that hired Brant Phillips & Invest Home Pro to coach them for their first Investment Property Deals, and BOOM!

They’ve already got their first deal fully rehabbed and on the market with 100% Financing from a Private Lender.

And oh btw, they just put their 2nd deal under contract today!



Invest Home Coaching Program + Private Money = 5 Deals In 5 Months

This was a project that Invest Home Pro provided Financing and Coaching services for these investors.

They’ve been doing great work since they began working with us in the Tyler/Longview area of Texas and they are already on their 3rd Deal since starting in our coaching program, and I’m proud to say they had ZERO Real Estate experience and they’ve funded all of their deals with private money AND they have 2 more deals they are under contract on to purchase.

5 Flip Deals in 5 Months, not too bad in my opinion.


An Invest Home Pro Project – Narcille

An Invest Home Pro Project – Bernadette

This is a client owned project that we renovated for them and basically another prototype for our rehab gameplan for homes in this price point.

This one is in Spring Shadows area in Harris County Houston

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An Invest Home Pro Project – Crestford