See What Our Customers Are Saying!

“Just received the proceeds from the sale…
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for a great first Houston flip. Being so far away it was reassuring to know I had someone on the ground with my best interest in mind. It was a pleasure to work with you and I am looking forward to future projects. Thanks Again”
Josh M. (Canada)

“Brant –like a good Brand name!! He has a good reputation and good creditability to the lenders, properties owners and sub contractors, all of us respect his good quality work and his patient, thoughtful personality. Recently, we bought one rental property which is also no.4 project Brant helped us. He has been there more times than us. He sent feedbacks, corrections and processes by phone, Text and email. He is very easy to reach and easy to work with. Brant paid attention to all the great details. Even after the project has totally done, but he still sent his worker to go there for some items just because my tenants wanted…From our bottom of hearts, we really thank Brant, without his help, we don’t think we can do this! All my neighbors are so happy to see this house to be alive again. GO Brant!”
Jing & Jay H.

“For my first flip, I was guided to Invest Home Pro by a wholesaler. I was told that Brant and his team were experts in the field, professional, on time with deadlines, easy to work with, and willing to help a first time flipper through the process. I found each statement to be true! The finished house was beautiful and completed on time. I had no worries during the process. The home sold in 9 days! I even received a Christmas card from the new home owners telling me how happy they were with their purchase. Thanks to Invest Home Pro their new home is all that they wanted!”

“It was a pleasure to work with you on this project! You were very responsive to my needs and did what you said you would do with a high level of integrity. The finished product was outstanding! Your getting a re-do on the foundation cemented (no pun intended) my favorable impression of the way you would do all our business together, and I truly appreciated your attitude regarding the missing downspout. I’m sure we’ll talk again in the future, and I want to wish you the best of luck (though I think you will successfully MAKE your own luck by your way of doing business). ”
Bob M. (Dallas)

“Once again, your professionalism came through in promptly taking care of the issues at the property. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thank you and best wishes”

“I wanted to thank you for your help. I am very lucky to know you…because of you, I am not afraid of repairs! :)”
Jing H.

“Just finished our sixth property with Brant and his crew. Could not be happier. Looking forward to number seven!”
Alfred B.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Brant and his exceptional team and their end product. Professional in every way.
Don O.

“Professional, knowledgeable, high integrity, open communication, fast, high quality, responsive… I cannot say enough about Brant and the team that worked on my first rental property. They made it so easy and talked me through all stages of the work, ensuring that I didn’t fall into the beginner’s trap of over-improvement. They did a real transformation… and people just walk in and love the place. For those new to the game, you can’t do better than Invest Home Pro!”
Karen W.

“On time. On budget. Well done. I also like the disc with before and after pictures.”
Jim P.

“Working on my first rental property which is actually in pretty good shape. I was thinking I would invest some money in the kitchen to give it a wow factor. Asked Brant to evaluate and he advised me to save my money until I was ready to sell. Thank you Brant for your honesty! I will definitely call Invest Home Pro for my next property.”
Alicia N.

“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Easy to deal with. Professional and better than on time. This was great for me because I do not have time to act as my own contractor.The communication was consistent and timely.”
Mike J.

“Brant and Invest Home Pro are the only reason I began investing in real estate in the first place. Brant’s integrity and knowledge of real estate are beyond reproach. Brant’s team finished the job on time and did an excellent rehab of my first investment property. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”
Victoria V.

“I got a house through a wholeseller that recommended Brant. I recognized his company as a Lifestyle Vendor so decided to go ahead with him. It was the easiest complete rehab I ever had. I went to the property one time during the rehab process. The few items I had concerns with I never mentioned to Brant. But when the job was done, those concerns were addressed perfectly. He took care of everything and the house was super clean when we did the final walk through. I was very impressed about everything in dealing with Brant. After the major rehab, I had another small job of replacing a bath tub. I called several contractors who were either too high or unreliable. One promised to do the job but never showed up. I asked Brant if he would do it and wham, a couple of days later and the job was done, exceeding my expectations! I highly recommend Brant for both big complete rehabs or small honey-do jobs. I will definitely use him in the future. Great job Brant.”
Shawn D.

Brant Phillips and Invest Home Pro are the real deal. They completed my rehab on-time and under-budget (a rare combination). Brant made good suggestions on what work was needed and what work was unnecessary, which saved me time and money. The house looked like new when completed and was easy to lease as a result. I definitely plan to use Invest Home Pro again for future rehab jobs”
John G.

“Another oustanding job by the team at Invest Home Pro. Third rehab in as many months – came in ahead of schedule and on budget enabling me to have the “best product.” Looking forward to our next collaboration. Highly recommend!”
A. Brunkhorst

“Brant helped us with our second property and once again did a great job, on time and on Budget.”

“I have been a real estate investor for many years, and I can honestly say that my experience with Invest Home Pro has been, by far, the most pleasurable experience I’ve had dealing with a contractor.
The systems they have in place for bidding jobs, project management and customer follow-up are great. I have used Invest Home Pro on 8 rehabs this year and they have always done outstanding work. I give them my full recommendation!”
Blake Y.

“Brant was great at walking me through my first rehab experience from what needs to be done versus what can be ignored, as well as minor things to make the property more attractive for petential tenants. He also took time to answer questions and concerns and offer views based on his experiences as a fellow property investor. Brant and his team were also very flexible in regards to taking care of and working around issues that were not originally forseen.”
Jeremy P.

“We have used Invest Home Pro for two of our properties and have been very happy with the experience. As an investor, Brant knows what is necessary when it comes to rehab. His advice was invaluable and he handled a few minor concerns promptly. Both rehabs were completed in the estimated time-frame. We highly recommend using Invest Home Pro.”
B & E Phillips

(Note: we are not related to Brant.)

“Our fourth rehab with Brant in the past year went just as the first three – ahead of schedule and on budget. Finishing ahead of schedule allowed us to rent the property before our first payment was due. Brant and the crew with Invest Home Pro are true professionals and I highly recommend their services. For you first timers, let Brant bid your project and listen to his advice as his knowledge as an investor is invaluable.”
Alfred B.

“If you are looking for an honest, fast & efficient contractor that you can trust to get your rental property rehabs done quickly and for a fair price, then I would definitely recommend Invest Home Pro. As a full-time investor, I like the ‘turn-key’ service they provide which allows me to focus on spending time with my family or looking for other deals, etc. while having the peace of mind that my real estate investment projects are coming along on schedule. I also like that the owner is an investor himself so he always shares a lot of insight on ways to save money and get jobs completed faster.”
Jack M.

“Brant’s ability as a contractor coupled with his knowledge of and experience with the Lifestyles model, help to make Invest Home Pro an outstanding option for an investment rehab. On my first rehab, Brant helped me to separate the must-do items from the nice-to-have items. The price was very fair and the work was completed on time and on budget. Small problems, once communicated, were resolved quickly and without hassle. I will definitely be using Invest Home Pro for future projects.”
R. Morrison

Hi, My name is Jaynie…my business partner, Janet and I just completed our first rehab as Real Estate Investors. We’re very excited about our new business. The rehab work was done by Brant Phillips and Invest Home Pro. We’ve known Brant almost a year and have attended a couple of his workshops from earlier in the year. The first time I met him he was speaking at a seminar. I was very impressed at how easy-going and down to earth he was. Integrity seemed to just ooze out of him. Now that we’ve worked with him—we know it’s true! The rehab he just completed for us was a snap and done entirely based off his recommendations and expertise and his great team did a wonderful job as promised! Brant actually loves his work and it reflects in the experience we had with him and his company, I hope we never have to do a rehab with any other contractor!”
Jaynie & Janet

“I have known Brant Phillips since March of 2009 when I engaged Invest Home Pro to do a rehab project for me. Since that time Brant and Invest Home Pro have completed a total of six single family residential rehab projects for me. From the very first moment I met Brant, he impressed me with his easy going personality and his extremely professional demeanor. Brant had come very highly recommended, but first impressions can be deceiving so I still did my homework. Once Brant started that first rehab project I stopped by every day to monitor the progress. Brant and his business partner, Cruz, had his people there every day working diligently to get the project finished. After the work was done the house looked fantastic. Brant and Cruz had done everything they promised to do. Subsequently I have developed such a high level of trust in Brant and his team of professionals that I now am hardly involved in the process at all. I no longer worry about my rehab projects being completed in a timely manner. Brant and his team deliver expert quality workmanship at extremely reasonable pricing and finish the projects in a very timely fashion. What more can you ask for in a General Contractor? I can highly recommend Brant Phillips and Invest Home Pro with full confidence that they will not disappoint.”
Jim K.

“I chose Invest Home Pro because of their reputation, Brant’s experience as an investor, and a personal comfort level with Brant’s integrity. This was not my first rehab, but it was by far the easiest and most hands off for me. Because I know others who have used Brant, and have known him as a fellow investor, I actually gave him the deposit check and then went on vacation for a week; something I would never do with any other contractor. The work was done on time, and as desired. His people were professional and a pleasure to work with, and communication was fluid. I especially appreciated the opportunity to listen and learn from a more experienced investor which I believe saved me money and increased the value and quality of my property. They are my “go to” rehab team.”
Robbie D.

“Told Brant I had no time to supervise. No problem. Gave him the keys and said “Fix it the Lifestyles Way.” Twenty-five days later he handed me back the keys to a beautiful house! Took six days to rent and boy were the tenants happy with their beautiful new home. Oh and by the way, he beat other Contractors bids by $5000!”
Willard J.

“We are extremely happy with the quality of work performed by Invest Home Pro. They provided outstanding results at reasonable prices. They handled everything from A to Z including materials and supplies. Due to Invest Home Pro’s professional work, we listed our house and received a contract within a week. We will definitely use this company in the future.”
E. Williams

“After purchasing our first investment property, we utilized Invest Home Pro for the rehab. WOW! Brant and the entire staff did a very professional and detailed job with the entire house. They provide one-stop-shopping for all of your rehab needs. We are so pleased with them, they are currently starting working on the rehab for our 2nd investment property.”
Laurie B.

“My renters said: ‘’the house is terrific’’…I had many families wanted to lease this one-we turned a REO inventory to a nice sweet lovely home. it is all because of Brant’s hard work who takes pride and takes his work very seriously…though the rehabbing process, he sent updates though email, TX message or phone call …I also met him in person to walk though the house at beginning and at end. It was Feb., the weather was so cold for 10 days, he let his workers wrapped the pipes and turned off the water before they left…very thoughtful and helpful…we still finished on time…I will buy one again soon, I won’t need to have a lot of bids, I just give Brant the key because he deserve it and I totally trust him”
J. Harlan

“As a hard money lender with Red Door Funding and also a past customer of Invest Home Pro, I can say that these guys do excellent work on their rehabs. Another thing that has always impressed me with Invest Home Pro is the speed they complete rehabs. I highly recommend Invest Home Pro.”
D. Williams

“Invest Home Pro has been a true blessing for me and my partner on our single family homes this year. Brant and the crew have done an excellent job of taking our rundown houses to best in class. A majority of our rehabs have been completed while I was out of town on business and none of them have been over budget or over time. They will be starting our next two projects next week which gives me the peace of mind to know we will be taken care of. I highly recommend Invest Home Pro to anyone considering real estate investing.”
Ryan P.

“This was my first rehab and Brant and his crews did a great job! They estimated it would take 3 weeks and finished well before that, sometimes working late into the night. Most importantly, however, I felt I could trust him. Brant, Jay, Cruz and their crews were all very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to everyone.”
Alison S.

“We had a fantastic experience with Invest Home Pro. They were the lowest bid and also did a great job on the house. We needed new roof, HVAC, Tiling, Carpeting and painting.They took care of everything with professionalism, finished the job early and did not charge us a cent over the agreed price. I will definately be using Invest Home Pro on my next property.”
Michael H.

“Brant is a Christian gentleman. The house he remodeled for me was a wreck. His consultation gave the needed repairs using what I had at a very fair price. I had a mechanical problem later and he returned and had it repaired immediately. He’s a good man and will be in my plans as I go forward in real estate.”
J. Carpenter

“Brant and his crews are absolutely the best thing to happen to the real estate investor. Their ability to provide a turnkey service is outstanding. On my first property, they came in under budget and 7 days ahead of schedule. I was able to lease the property the day after they left. We are now working on our next property and they are still OUTSTANDING. Save yourself the hassle of contracting for yourself. Let the pros do it. It will save you time and money as well as give you peace of mind!”
Alfred B.

“Brant has now completed renovations on 2 of my houses this year. He has been great about explaining “needs” from “nice to haves” when coming up with an estimate for repairs and has come in on budget each time. He is also very responsive to taking care of the “final touches” at the end. As a Lifestyles Member and investor himself, he knows how to get the job done right and I appreciate his knowledge and the skill of his crews. I will definitely use him again on my next house!”
Carolyn C.

“If you are looking for a contractor for your team, look no further. Invest Home Pro is all you need to take on your rehab. Extremely knowledgable, affordable, and professional. They will work with your schedule no matter how busy, and they will make your project headache free. During the freeze i had a pipe burst in the attic and flooded the WHOLE house when we were 2 days away from completion. 1 week later Brant handed me the keys. 30 days later i got a full price offer. Brant IS my contractor for as long as he wants to work with me. Thank you Invest Home Pro.”
Tryp W.

“I just had a great experience with Invest Home Pro. I had a budget that I needed to stay within as well as a time line when I wanted everything finished. We were able to stay within my budget and they finished the work on time. Whenever a small problem came up they more than accommodated my needs. They also had many helpful suggestions as this was my first rent house. Very knowledgeable and professional group. Jay Ramirez handled my account from start to finish. I will definitely be using them again on my next property.”
Paige B.

“Brant and his company did a wonderful job on getting our house ready for rent. Here is an example of what kind of service you get: in the original bid a part of the countertop was supposed to be replaced. Brant couldn’t find a perfect match, so he replaced ALL countertops at no additional charge. House looks brand new. If you want the job done right and fast, I’d highly recommend contacting Invest Home Pro.”
G. Hamilton

“As a first time real estate investor, my wife and I were leery about a general contractor (thanks to those flip shows) but Brant was so honest and transparent which was so comforting. After his work I said a prayer for him asking the Lord to bless his business…I promise you guys that you will see something big from him in the near future!! Thanks Brant and we will call you for the next one.”
Allen A.

“Brant did the work on my first investment property. A lot of work was required (roof, ac/furnace, water heater, counters, carpet/tile/paint, and more). He had a tight schedule to work with, all work was done on time and with high quality. He was very accommodating with any comments I had. It was a pleasure working with him, I will work with him again in the future.”
Joe J.

“The Rent-Ready guys did a fantastic job on my first rehab. The property needed a fair amount of work, but the crew finished on schedule and on budget, and the place looks great! I will be getting Rent-Ready involved in my next project.”
Benjamin G.