Kury – A Flip

House Flipping Case Study with Brant Phillips & John T

Check out this Webinar on how to Flip A House, with Real Life Proof right before your eyes.

*This is a training webinar so you’ll get some valuable insight so be sure to check this on your ‘Favorites List’

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LOUISE – That’s What People Say

Another MONSTER FLIP project is in the books, we call this beautiful lady, LOUISE.

This was a monster project that was approximately $200,000 in repairs

This is NOT your average FLIP, or even recommended for you guys just getting started out.

But, as I always say, “YOU TAKE WHAT THE MARKET GIVES YOU” and this is what the market is giving, so that’s what my clients and myself will take.

This was a somewhat grueling job that took around 9 months to complete.

There was an addition added to the property, so of course Architects/Engineers and the City were involved for the inspections, that slowed us down, but nevertheless, this home ended up being a real beauty.

I hope you enjoy the Before & After video…

Real Life. Real Estate.


Starter Home $50k FLIP Walk-Thru

Starter Home $50k FLIP Walk-Thru

For those of you looking to get into the ‘starter home’ flip market, this is a great video for you.

We cover some of the ‘Basics’ of Flipping
properties in the $100-200k ARV price range.

Hope you get some valuable nuggets
from this one you can use in your business.

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