Ortega Lane Before & After Video

This single family one story home is in a beautiful new neighborhood. When bought the inside of the home was not cared for properly but we made sure to completely change that. This home was upgraded in any way possible so it could once again look new. Granite was installed all throughout the kitchen and restrooms. After the outside of the house was also cleaned the house once again looks amazing.

Fawnview Before & After Video

This single-family home in the Houston area had an open floor plan so we installed new wood floors to give it newer look. We tore the walls out to install everything new. The kitchen is spacious with Granite countertops and Stainless Steel appliances. This home has a cottage feel from the outside look.

Garden Arbor Ln Before & After Video

This home was a first time flood that was completely redone. We torn the whole kitchen apart and upgraded all counters and appliances. The walls were painted a dark grey in the rooms to give it more of a dark contemporary feel.

Brondesbury Before & After Video

Beautiful renovations done in home. Installed wood floors to make the more look more spacious. The white walls give it a open clean feel. The kitchen was recreated to give it a new looks with granite counter tops.

Grants Lake Before & After Video

Flip done on a town home in Sugar Land. Completely renovated everything to give it a chic, sharp look. The kitchen was completely striped and redone with granite counter tops. Beautiful home in a awesome location.