The fact that matter is when a flip goes bad, you still have the ability to make it a profitable deal. This is completely within your power and just consider that real estate is incredibly forgiving over the long term. However, yes, it can be incredibly unforgiving for the short term. That is why you really have to be spot with your numbers on a flip deal, but in the long term; it is really really forgiving.

This is a case in point during this video. This is an example of a deal where I’ll share with you some strategies that can be an incredible tool for your tool belt and help you realize some of the options that you have when a deal goes ‘bad’.

Consider that you ultimately do control your destiny and you are the captain of your ship, no one else is and it’s up to you to create that victory even when your back is against the wall.

When you have a bad flip, a bad situation, a bad circumstance, bad partnership, whatever it is, find that opportunity to make it good. Find a way to make it profitable. Take action. Make it happen.